Privacy Policy

While using our services such as online booking, we may collect personal data about you, such as your name, address, email, IP address and phone number. They are collected only for their intended purposes such as communicating with you or with our partners to organise and inform you about your booked tours or activities, collecting your payment, allowing you to post a comment or send us a message from the website, creating your user account on the website and organising your tours or activities.

You have a right to access, modify or delete these informations and can require us to do so on a simple request sent to our email or by contacting on our phone number 09062268154. We will delete your data if we are not otherwise legally obligated to keep them. You can also modify the data registered in your account directly by accessing it on this website.

We have at hear to protect the privacy of the users of our website and the data of our guests. We provide a secured connection to our website by encrypting the online exchanges thanks to the TLS protocol. Note that our website may use cookies in order to support your experience throughout the website and its online booking. These cookies are simple file text downloaded to your browser which are not linked to your personal identity. They are for example used to track the content of your cart throughout the website, or to measures our visitors interactions with the website with a service such as Google Analytics.

The contractors that we work with and that may collect your data are due to respect high standards of security and have their own privacy policy to protect your rights. These subcontractor companies include 1&1 (web host and email provider), Cloudflare (web content distributor and security enhancer), Google (offering email, calendar and other web-based services), PayPal (secured online payment solution) You can find their own privacy policies on their respective websites for more information.